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Topic: Printing Finale manual

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    Printing Finale manual

    I just got GPO with Finale. Started printing Finale manual, only to find you can only do it in chunks, e.g. chapter at a time and worse, when a chapter has sections, you have to print a single section at a time.
    Does anyone know of a utility or batch command or whatever to cause Adobe to print multiple sections in a chapter or, more generically, how to print out the Finale manual more efficiently.
    The printed manual from Finale is reasonable ($30) BUT: is in landscape form, 4 PDF pages per sheet, so I suspect one would go blind using it (although I ordered it anyway)....
    And while we're at it, can anyone suggest any third party training materials for Finale- book, DVD, etc. ?


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    Re: Printing Finale manual

    If you're new to the program, make sure you do the tutorials first. Also make sure you read the new HP/GPO tutorial that was released with the latest Finale 2006 update. Use the Finale forum as well to find answers.


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    Re: Printing Finale manual

    Bob, it's also *very* important to be sure you have Finale fully up to date. Even if you just got it, chances are there are patches and updates you need to install.

    You can check for them here: http://www.finalemusic.com/downloads/

    This is likewise true of Garritan products and many music libraries -- common practice in this industry, as the developers tend to be much more "on the ball" about upgrades and improvements than many other types of software makers. Even if you ordered something yesterday -- you almost always need to immediately apply the latest updates.

    In the case of Finale specifically, 2006b not only fixes some annoying quirks, but also adds an important new feature or two.


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