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Topic: Altogeher: Everyone say "Ahhhh.."

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    Altogeher: Everyone say "Ahhhh.."

    I give private tuition in flute and piano. Last week a parent of an 11-year old pupil asked if I would help make an audition CD of her singing (she's hoping to be accepted for a place in a choir).

    With the help of GPO I created a backing track to a song called "What You Never Know (Won't Hurt You)" which is sung by Hayley Westenra on her "Odessy" album, and recorded my young pupil's voice along to it.

    Here's a snippet of the result. Since it's a copyrighted song I've just posted an extract.

    This kid (only 11 years old) loves singing and really seemed to enjoy her first recording experience. I thought she did pretty well.

    GPO piano and strings.

    What You Never Know (extract)

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    Re: Altogeher: Everyone say "Ahhhh.."

    Brit Dude,

    This kid has a real good sense of pitch for an eleven-year-old. She sings in tune.

    You did a nice job on the background. She's lucky to have a teacher like you.


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Thumbs up Re: Altogeher: Everyone say "Ahhhh.."

    As a former musical director / vocal coach for a youth theatre group I can say this little one should go on to a nice singing career some day. Young voices like this one are to few and far between. Very special.
    Nice work, unfortunate we cannot listen to the complete performance.

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    Re: Altogeher: Everyone say "Ahhhh.."

    Hi Larry and Styxx,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I'll relay them to the proud parents of the little cherub


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    Re: Altogeher: Everyone say "Ahhhh.."

    She does indeed have a beautiful voice. And she's not only lucky to have you as a teacher but lucky to live in this age. When we were kids receiving music instruction the best we could hope for was a metronome. Now teachers can create tailor made ensembles for their students to play/sing with.

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    Re: Altogeher: Everyone say "Ahhhh.."

    Nice job on the backing, Jon -- works really well! I generally think of GPO as a solo composition tool; but you truly put this together to fine use, here -- quite skillful, highly convincing, and a really nice job on the overall mix.

    And you're right, the youngster indeed has a promising voice.

    Good speed!


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