We've all seen and heard beach's great Video for Emergency.
The music really helps to heighten the sense of the message.
We've heard his "My oboe"--what images did you see in your mind listening to that?
Well, for me it was football (American, that is).
So, a while back, I asked beach if I could use a couple of minutes of his music in a high school homecoming video, and he agreed.
Intro.wmv (1 min 1.6 MB)
85.wmv (45 sec .9 MB)
These are the clips where they were used. Thanks, Roberto!

These clips were used in a 20 minute segment about the history of our small town (pop. 8,000) high school football team for homecoming, and in another 30 minute segment. The music really gave it that serious feeling--just perfect.
The journalism class is selling DVDs to raise money to buy a video-editing PC (its all done on my personal PC now). With a last-minute Christmas rush, we've sold around 60-80 (@$15) and I got the go-ahead today to order the PC! So its been a real success.
We really had great, big crowds (for our small town) to see it.

Thanks, Roberto and thanks GPO!