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Topic: GPO & Kontakt 2.01: pitch problem

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    GPO & Kontakt 2.01: pitch problem

    I have of course read Tom's sticky post about the problems of using GPO with the full version of Kontakt 2, but it still doesn't quite answer my question.

    I want to make a temporary version of the solo bassoon for use in Kontakt 2, so that I can extend its range upwards (I need B flat 3 and it stops at G3). I've found how to do this easily enough, but I'm stuck with the pitch instability problem, and it doesn't seem to be what Tom mentions in his point 4, because it's nothing to do with the sustain pedal - it happens whether or not I use that.

    It seems that the pitch of any note is influenced by the preceding note: the further away the preceding note, the further the note you want is dragged towards it. Supposing I want C3: if I play repeated C3 it's as steady as you like, but if I play a C2, then C3 I get something between about A2 and B flat 2. But if I play C3 again it's correct.

    I don't know if the fix Tom mentions was supposed to be done in Kontakt 2.01 (I never used 2.0), but it seems to me as if instead of fixing it, the problem's been reapplied more consistently - with and without the pedal!

    Does anyone know a workaround for this, or am I seriously going to have to use GPO proper for all my bassoon part except the few places it goes above G, and put those on a separate Kontakt track with extra notes at zero volume just before each real note?

    How did Jamie Kowalski do his 'Sacre du Printemps', the start of which takes the bassoon all the way up to D4?

    For what it's worth, I'm using all this stuff in Digital Performer 4.61 on a PowerMac G5 dual 2.3 GHz with stacks of RAM. The Kontakt problem's the same whether as a plug-in in DP or in the stand-alone application.

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    Re: GPO & Kontakt 2.01: pitch problem

    You should upgrade to Kontakt 2.02 which I believe has the pitch fix. This patch has been out for quite awhile now.


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    Re: GPO & Kontakt 2.01: pitch problem

    Always use the latest version of the software. And, yes, Bassoon 2 has the extended range. Whenever you find an issue with range on a particular instrument check the alternatives. Many things in the original sessions determined the eventual range of a particular instrument.


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    Re: GPO & Kontakt 2.01: pitch problem

    Thanks, folks! Somehow, I must have missed that 2.02 update - I usually do make sure I keep my software up to date.

    And who'd'a thunk it that bassoon 2 would go higher than bassoon 1? Having tried both bassoon 1 and solo bassoon, both of which just go up to G, it never occurred to me to try bassoon 2. Doh!

    Thread closed (as far as I'm concerned). :-)

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