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Topic: GPO Sibelius No Sound on playback

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    GPO Sibelius No Sound on playback

    Odd behavior, after loading the GPO crossgrade . It seems to have changed my setting for some other Kontakt devices, (EWQL. Garritan) it did not change stromdrums.

    Anyway, when setting up Sibelius to play GPO it searches for the instrument on the hard drive, seems to load it, but there is no output. When I look at the Kontakt Gold player the instrument is listed but there are no blue keys on the keyboard showing the sound is loaded.

    After changing the settings back to normal in GPO they play find, as well as EWQL, the GPO samples will not play in Sibelius.

    Any ideas?

    P4, 3.4 ghz, XP Pro SP2, 2 gig ram

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    Re: GPO Sibelius No Sound on playback


    Can't help you directly - try posting your question on the Sibelius board. There are probably more knowledgeable there about the integration of the two. I think there is an issue as to exactly where the .nks files need to go. If nothing is showing in Kontakt, then no sample has loaded.

    R. Pearl

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