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Topic: Very short adagio

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    Talking Very short adagio

    I was going through my files . . . thinking about organizing them one of these days . . . when I spotted an mp3 I had created about 8 months ago. This was orginally the beginning of a piece I posted months ago called "End of the Road", (which is on my website) though I ended up scrapping all of this and none of it made it to the final piece . . . miraculously it survived because I had converted it into an mp3 first

    The file is called 'preview.mp3' because it was originally a preview for the piece I was sending to family. Too bad it turned out being scrapped in the final version

    So here it is, a very short adagio for orchestra . . .


    (And now I can't go back to edit any of it . . . because it's gone! I'll have to re-enter all the data! Though it could do with some reharmonizing and reorchestrating)
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    Re: Very short adagio

    heh heh short, but lovely
    Ke Yang (OMG I'm using mah name)
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    Note: You might have noticed there's nothing there, yet. Massive editing going on.

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    Re: Very short adagio

    Beautiful melody, Sean. Good thing it survived !
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Very short adagio

    Very nice. Its amazing what we can find lurking on our hard drives.

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    Re: Very short adagio

    Quite lovely. Nice to listen to your preview version. I like the lyricism very much.
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    Re: Very short adagio

    I agree, Sean... very nice lyricism. This could easily be expanded upon if you ever had the inclination.
    C. Foster Payne
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    Re: Very short adagio

    I hope you return to this sometime, Sean. It has your characteristic lyricism; but this thematic material also seems to quietly presage a potential heroic quality in latter development.

    I'd be very interested to see where you take this!


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