After several months of playing around, I'm finally trying to figure out how to do some real recording with Giga 3 Orchestra and Sonar 4. In general I've got it working, but there are some idiosyncrasies I'm still trying to figure out.

Here's the one that's bugging me right now. I currently have Giga set up for 8 ReWire output channels. I expected this to show up in Sonar as four stereo channels.

But instead, when I choose an input in Sonar, I see one stereo source (Giga 1/2) and then six mono sources (Giga 3 through 8). That means that if I want to record anything out of Giga in stereo, it either has to be routed to the first output pair (1/2) or I have to handle it as two mono channels panned L and R.

Why are only the first two channels being treated as a stereo pair? Is this just some weirdness of the ReWire spec, or a bug, or something I'm doing wrong? Can I set it up so I get four stereo outs from Giga, not one stereo and six mono?