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Topic: Worst Movie Ever?

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    Worst Movie Ever?

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    I just saw Family Stone. If I wasn't so busy, I'd rent Battlefield Earth and compare the two. I know that quantitative measurements of art are a bit ridiculous, particularly when comparing apples to cream separators, but I suspect the gross incompetence of Battlefield would be pleasant next to this.

    When I made my Worst Demo Contest entry, I thought it was awful, and a good example of what can be accomplished without training or talent. Now I realize how pathetic my piece is. I did not insult the listener's intelligence, and my cliches were not so comprehensive. Recording it too hot into analog inputs was bad, but keeping a pristine sound would have been worse. My worst error was to go for laughs all the way through. Truly bad art takes itself seriously. I don't have time to compose another entry now, but next year I'll try to make something that can pass as a serious effort.

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    Re: Worst Movie Ever?

    The worst movie I saw this year is 'Spanglish'. Corny and cliche, as if there is not such a thing as shame. 'Battlefield Earth' was easier to sit through.


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