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Topic: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

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    Any reason NOT to buy Colossus? [Thank you all!]

    I would like to buy the East West Colossus library.
    Do you know any problems with that library or something
    better for the same money?

    I'd like to use it as my base library for Instrumental/New Age/Soundtrack
    music, I already own a library with orchestra sounds.

    Thanks in advance for any information,
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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    Sorry Tom, i don't have Colossus. I just wanted to say that your art is amazing. I really enjoyed looking at your photographs
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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    It's hard to imagine anyone not being totally delighted with Colossus. Of course you can find better individual libraries - more complete drums, orchestra, etc. - but as a starting point or for rounding out your collection it's fantastic.

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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    I'm not sure - given the type of music you do - it would be the best investment. You might be better off picking up something like Atmosphere, if you don't already have it, and the new Korg Legacy Digital Edition (which includes two synths that have been in the toolbox of a lot of instrumental/new age musicians). This would be cheaper and you'd probably get more use out of the sounds that you do get.
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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?


    I just posted this over at Sounds on Line but it might be of some use to you.I haven't spent a lot of time with the library so take this all with a grain of salt. Oh, and check out the demos. Any shortcomings of the libary are probably my fault.

    "I just bought Colossus and have mixed feelings. Partly because I already own EWQL Brass, Gold Pro, Gold, Silver, Hardcore Bass, Bosendorfer 290, Stormdrum, Artist Drums, etc. I don't mean to say "dig the junk I own" just want to give perspective on how the library fits into my stuff. I mostly got it for the Guitars and am impressed with them. I have a problem with the bass guitars though (and this could be my tastes) 1st off they are multi-velocity and have lots of slides and bendy bits, (technically speaking ) and these trigger at pretty low volumes so it's hard to get any volume out of the patch without triggering the bends etc. Same problem with Hardcore Bass. Nick offered a work around but I still wish they were programmed so that the bend would only appear at velocities at around 120. Also the sounds of the bass are cold as far as my ears tell me. I prefer the basses on my Roland Bass and Drums expansion card. They seem to have much more warmth."

    If you own an Orchestral library (Gold, VSLO, etc) you won't use the sounds from Colossus. Not 'cause they're bad just that you probably have better versions.

    I like the pitched ethnic stuff although it is very limited. (just enough there to wet your appetite for RA )

    Stormdrones are interesting but I like the drones in Atmosphere better (even without the mod wheel sweeps like Colossus has)

    The synth basses, leads, new Age Ensembles and pads are nice but again I like Atmosphere better.

    Drums are very nice. If you own Stormdrum you have most of them.

    Electric Guitars are very cool. Lots of different sounds and articulations.

    Acoustic Guitars are beautiful.

    Pop Brass is culled from EWQL Brass. One of the demos online showcases these sounds rather well.

    Pianos are nice. I only own the Bosendorfer 290 so I can't compare it to things like the mega libraries out there.

    Chiors are culled from VOTA and there are only a few mens and womens patches. I was hoping for more but I guess I'll need to spring for EWQLSC.

    I own a lot of East West stuff and couldn't live without Stormdrum and Gold Pro. If I hadn't bought Hardcore Bass, EWQL Brass, the Bosendorfer, etc, my opinion on Colossus would have been a tad brighter.

    All in all, if you don't own a lot of VST's, you can't go wrong. You could piece meal a better libary together, one instrument at a time, but it would end up costing more in the long run.

    All the very best,

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    Thumbs up Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    Quote Originally Posted by Theodor
    Sorry Tom, i don't have Colossus. I just wanted to say that your art is amazing. I really enjoyed looking at your photographs

    DITO !!!.............

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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    Man, I love your photos! Can you tell me a bit about what type of camera you use and if you prefer natural lighting or if you light your subjects?

    On Colossus, I don't have it but everyone says it rocks, especially if you don't already own the pieces parts libraries from which some of it comes from. I guess the only reason not to buy it would be the PITA copy protection that affects all of NI's products....but then again this might not be an issue and it might be a tad overblown in the other thread about it.
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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    Two issues: whether it's what you need, and whether it's a great product (which in my opinion it truly is). If you already have every EW and QL library, well duh. But if you're looking for a great all-around collection, it has *tons* of excellent sounds - including the new agey stuff, which while not my primary interest is still very nice.

    Without commenting on Atmosphere, which based on all the other Spectrasonics products would have to be good, I will say that I found the Stormdrone programs to be a highlight of Colossus. Anyway, Atmosphere is a dedicated instrument; it goes without saying that you're going to find more of any one category elsewhere - whether it's from East West or another company.

    I agree that the bass slides come in at too low a velocity, in fact I'd rather introduce them with something other than velocity. But that's only in a couple of programs - there are still some very good bass samples.

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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    And I haven't had any problems with the NI copy protection. Really the only one that's ever given me any trouble - and I mean over 20 years - is Syncrosoft on OS X Tiger, and that's not across the board.

    Well, I guess you used to have to restart to get the old Logic and Steinberg serial dongles to be seen every onece in a while. But other than that I can't think of any problems.

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    Senior Member Tom Crowning's Avatar
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    Re: Any reason NOT to buy Colossus?

    thank you all VERY much for the information, I appreciate this very much.
    I'm very new to this forum and I'm surprised how much knowledge is

    I've listened to all available demo songs from Colossus, Atmosphere and
    Sonik Synth 2, and so far I liked the richness and depth of the Colossus
    sounds most, but that's just my personal taste, the other libraries
    are very good, too.

    Thanks again, and I wish you all a nice Christmas time.

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