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Topic: Vibrato with no Aftertouch?

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    Vibrato with no Aftertouch?

    Hey guys,

    My DAW dosent seem to have "Aftertouch" (Tracktion2), and neither does my keyboard...how am i able to add/change vibtrao otherwise?

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Vibrato with no Aftertouch?

    Hmm, there's no means of adding aftertouch data in T2? I don't (yet) have a keyboard with aftertouch, but in Sonar it can be added in. I guess you'll have to either wait until another Tracktion update with aftertouch, or pick up something like the new E-mu MIDI controller for about $150, which has aftertouch, or try a different DAW. You have GPO, right? Does the Cubase SE that came with that have aftertouch support? Otherwise, I'd say you're probably SOL. Unless there's some other means of activating aftertouch info.
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    Re: Vibrato with no Aftertouch?

    I just edited the .nki files to change it from aftertouch, to CC127, and applied it to a slider ^_^. Nvm this post.
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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