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Topic: Cursed...

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    Hello there,

    It's been a whole since I haven't visited this forum. So as I just got Sonar 5 I tried it with GPO and did this little something, so I thought why not share it ? This is for a video game I'm working on (story driven).

    This is 100% GPO:

    Hope you like it. (Now listening through generic PC speakers I have a feeling the woodwinds are a little too in the back :/ )

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    Re: Cursed...

    Hi Nino,

    I really like this one. There's a lot of emotion that you're able to bring out in this piece. It's peaceful yet there's turmoil underneath - almost hidden...EXCELLENT!! I especially enjoyed from 1:20 on...I do wish that it were longer, but being for a game, I understand. Great work! I hope to hear more soon.


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    Re: Cursed...

    I realize no one really likes to be compared, but I can't help it, I just saw the movie "Chronicles of Narnia" and this music would have fit perfectly as Lucy exited the wardrobe for the first time. This piece is enchanted. I would rename it something a little less forboding than "Cursed." It is really beautiful. Please submit more!

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    Re: Cursed...

    Then I have to go see Narnia

    Thanks a lot for the comments. I guess it could be longer and evolve with maybe horns and stuff...

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    Re: Cursed...

    This was nice!

    Very emotional indeed.

    but I agree with the comment of the title " Cursed"… A bit harsh.
    The sweeping strings creates a sense of distance, or a place far way, while the flute illustrates a course/ direction.

    This arrangement reminds me of a journey, either literal or of emotional kind.
    ...It actually feels uplifting!

    Great stuff!


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    Re: Cursed...

    Hi Jeff

    Now that's nice to read, because the story is indeed about a journey, spiritual and physical... Of a cursed boy I've never thought of this instrumentation the way you describe it, but I must say i opens my eyes on this one and gives me a better direction. Thanks for the interesting comment
    Seeing it this way yes the title might seem a little harsh, but it's not really a title you know, it's more just a word

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    Re: Cursed...

    Nino, this sounds really nice,


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    Re: Cursed...

    Hi Prince

    Well I agree with your point. I got a chance to try a $1000 library which I won't name and honestly even if the instruments sound absolutely fantastic (especially the brasses), I really don't like how it's designed and the lack of accessibility for all articulations. It really lacks of KS patches
    GPO on the other hand is much more playable to me, more organic, but I already mentionned that on this forum some time ago .

    The very good thing about GPO is that it's been a real learning tool to me. I taught me how to care about actual orchestration, which I wouldn't have done I started with big pre-made section sounds. So as much as I know it has some weaknesses, GPO is still the most versatile tool of its kind to me. And I'm not even talking about the friendly price. Everyone can do wonderful music just with an average computer and GPO installed.

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    Re: Cursed...

    Nino, I enjoyed this gently enchanting, contemplative piece. Very nice work! I do hope you will take it further! I have the sense of much room for dramatic development in this...



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    Re: Cursed...

    Thanks a lot for the nice comments.


    Edit: Does it have to bump each time I answer ? Sorry about this.
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