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Topic: JABB w/Finale 2006b -- CPU memory overload

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    JABB w/Finale 2006b -- CPU memory overload

    I'm running Finale 2006b w/ JABB on Mac G5 (OS 10.4.3). I've got a big band (5-4-4-4) loaded w/1 inst per trk. Whether I load front line or "notation" instruments, I'm getting clicks/pops during tutti scoring segments. I suspect this is a RAM issue but am unsure how to solve. If anyone can guide (including how best to adjust the RAM), please let me know.

    Also: Has anyone tweaked the JABB/GPO ambience settings to find a compromise between the big chambers and the dry "parlor?" Even the smaller "jazz rooms" are a bit too affected for my taste.


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    Re: JABB w/Finale 2006b -- CPU memory overload

    Make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest Finale update, 2006b. Have a look at the GPO/HP PDF tutorial that MakeMusic just provided. The steps it lists for squeeking the best performance out of GPO is applicable to JBB also.


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    Re: JABB w/Finale 2006b -- CPU memory overload

    I've upgraded to 2006b and find no problems with anything except at the end of a playback. There is a repeated sound of the last note that's played. I wish I could describe it better but I can't. It has nothing to do with voulme, and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. I've been in touch with Finale and I sent them a file that does that, but it doesn't do it on their computer. I've had this problem since I first installed 2006. I can get rid of it if I make an audio file of the piece and just edit it out. I would appreciate any feedback on this. It's has me stumped. It doesn't happen in 2005. It might be GPO related but I'm just guessing. Thanks. (What does JABB mean?)

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