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Topic: Bidule Error

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    Bidule Error

    I just purchased GPO and installed it along with all the included applications. Everything seemed fine. I was able to startup GPO Studio, load and audition the instruments. I then decided to install all the updates (for Kontakt, GPO Studio, When I start GPO Studio, I get a message box with the following:

    Bidule Error
    plugin found in VST cache but not in disk!
    please rescan your plugins and retry

    Hitting OK or clicking on the X would not close the message box. After may be a dozen times it then displayed the message 'Access Violation' and allowed the close.

    I don't know what rescan means and I have no plugins other than the ones that came with GPO.

    My PC is a Dell Dimention, with a 2.0 CPU and 1 gig of ram. GPO is installed on 2nd physical HD, the D drive.

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    Re: Bidule Error


    Wow! That's really an error that should only be displayed in last resort. It means that somehow the VST has changed location and Studio can't find it back.

    There's a new Studio made to work with both GPO and JABB, I suggest you give a try and see if the problem persists, it's available here:


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    Re: Bidule Error

    Thanks seb. I'll give it a try.

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    Re: Bidule Error

    Hi sep, I downloaded and ran http://www.garritan.com/support/GarritanStudio0002.zip.
    It installed Studio on my C drive instead of D, where I had installed the rest of GPO. Anyway when I tried it, Studio would start but would not load instruments. Now I ge the following error when I do FILE>NEW>

    Personal Orchestra can't be loaded for GPO file.

    I had to cliek OK multiple times to exit.
    I'm going to uninstall Studio and reinstall in from cd and see what happens.
    Have not heard from GPO's support after I sent email.

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    Re: Bidule Error

    You'll get that message if Studio can't find the PersonalOrchestraVST.dll file, in the next version we added more places to look for that file but in the meantime to make it work right away, you can always copy the file inside the VSTPlugins subfolder in the Studio folder.

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    Re: Bidule Error

    Thanks for the quick reply seb. Actually I saw PersonalOrchestraVST.dll in the C: root directory and wondered about it before your last reply. I did play around with copying it to the Studio directory in the D drive but the same error persisted. After you email I removed the original Studio and reinstalled the update (2.0) and did what you suggested. Since Studio is now in C and GOP was installed in D, it could not find the samples. I asked it to do auto-find and it was able to find them.

    This makes me think that the GPO suite of applications were happy at where they were installed, but the updates assumed that the originals were in C and messed up something.

    Is it advisable that I should reinstall (from scratch) the entire GPO suite onto my C drive to minmize future headachs? My D drive is newer, bigger and faster then the C drive, though.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Re: Bidule Error

    You'll only get the auto-find dialog when you use .gpo/.studio files that aren't coming from your machine (or if you move/reinstall the library to a different location on your machine)

    Saving new files or resaving the bundled ones shouldn't show the auto-find dialog.

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    Re: Bidule Error

    Holiday greetings! Hope you had a wonderful holiday.
    Is there a way to specify the drive/directory for the GPO Studio 2.0 update to install to?

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