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Topic: BaroquenRudolf

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    Hello, friends...

    A buddy of mine wrote this cute little piece for organ, and I liked it so much I arranged it for a little baroque ensemble (strings, harpsichord, oboe)


    This would have been one of my other submissions to the Christmas album if I had made the time to get it ready by then...

    (music by Dee Le Rossignol, orchestration by Jonathan Orwig)


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    Re: BaroquenRudolf

    Hi Jonathan

    What a lovely little piece this is! I thoroughly enjoyed it. You did a great job on the orchestration. If I had to make one suggestion (I know you didn't ask, and this is very subjective ): I think it would have been nice to let the harpsichord only play the continuo instead of doubling up with the strings. It sounds pretty, but it kind of takes the attention away from the strings too much.

    Great arrangement and it would have been perfect for the Christmas album .
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: BaroquenRudolf


    I agree. Louis....

    HOWever... the week of Christmas is kinda busy, so I did it quick and dirty...

    Maybe after the holiday rush I'll re-do it


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    Re: BaroquenRudolf

    Well done! Quite ingenious, and well executed composition.

    I love pieces like this, with a different perspective granted to such well known source material... enjoyed it!


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    Re: BaroquenRudolf

    Thanks David!

    I must confess, when I heard my friend's organ version, I laughed myself senseless. I immediately thought of this arrangement, and so here we have it. I wish I could take credit for the notes, but.....

    If you like this sort of stuff, have a listen to:
    (a baroque-ish fugue on a well-known tune)
    (lisened to too much Langlais and Gershwin b4 this)
    (a wild-toad-ride arrangement of Good King Wenceslas)

    I've not posted these here before, since they use other samplesets, but thought since you liked my other two Xmas thingies you might be interested


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