I have a Mac G4 dual, 1.42 KHz with 1.5 G. I use GPO for almost 2 years now and went through the different updates. I have bought Finale 2006 and installed it easily, at least I think so. It is present in my applications folder and I have been able to use it normally for a beginner.
I have read that I have to go again through the july 2005 update of GPO to be able to use finale at its best, especially installing the notation version of GPO.
My problem is that the GPO update refuses to install that part. Everytime it tells that Finale has not been installed on my HD. When I installed Finale, I did not install the GPO limited edition of Finale as it seemed unnecessary to me.
What to do from here? I am not a computer scientist at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.