I am trying the demo version of Cubasis SX2. Having worked on a MIDI file and balanced and mixed my tracks my settings are not saved when I repeat the music. The mixer sliders remain exactly where I placed them but the mix and balance of the overall sound is way out. I found that to get my mix back I have to 'touch' the mixer slider button of each intrument track with the mouse cursor then it returns to the level I set. I have to do this everytime I repeat the music even with the song and mixer still open on screen.

I have tried mixing down to a .wav file hoping the levels and balance would be as I set them using the mixer but, again, the sound defaults to as it was when I started my project.

Can anyone please help me with this? The only things I can think of are:
(a) I'm missing some 'save' facility where I must save my mix.
(b) It's not possible to save a mix of a MIDI file.
(c) This is a 'cripple' in the demo version although I can't find this mentioned.
(d) This is a bug in SX2
(e) This is a bug in Kontakt Player.

Has any user here had the same problems with Cubase and does the same thing happen in Sonar? I can't trial Sonar because the trial version does not support VST.

I hope someone can help with this.