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Topic: Multi timbrel

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    Multi timbrel

    How can I change an JABB instrument to play more than one note at a time. When I write in finale I sketch in a staff set, so I put all my trumpets into 1 or 2 staves. Then I expand it out later. I need to have my trumpet 1 patch play 4 notes at a time, same with bone 1 etc. I have Kontakt 2 so should be able to do it, I just can't find it.

    Also, if I am using JABB stand alone on a second computer but still triggered by finale, should I still use the notation instruments?



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    Re: Multi timbrel

    The coming update will include a "lite" version of many instruments. The lite instruments use a different type of construction that allows the user to set the instruments for polyphonic performance if the user doesn't mind giving up the important tongue/slur function (this is unavoidable - tongue/slur can only function as designed in mono mode.) The addition of these instruments gives choices to users who have slower computers and those who sketch in polyphonic mode. The update will be made available soon.


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    Re: Multi timbrel

    I would strongly recommend against using the polyphonic instruments, as the tongue/slur functionality is very important. Instead, I would suggest switching the MIDI Thru function in Finale from "Smart" (i.e., when you enter notes into a trumpet staff, you hear trumpet sounds) to "Fixed" and choose the piano channel -- this way, when you enter music into Finale, you will always hear the piano. (This only affects note entry -- you will, of course, hear the correct instruments during Finale playback.)

    Sure, with a Fixed MIDI Thru channel, you lose the gee-whiz factor of hearing a bari sax as you're writing the bari sax part, but that's still much better than giving up the tongue/slur functionality. And, of course, you can adjust the MIDI Thru on the fly as needed -- you might turn it on when you're writing a lot of active unison bebop lines, but turn it off when you're trying out chorale-style voicings.

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    Re: Multi timbrel


    Thanks for the suggestion, I do work that way for entry. It is just that I write using a staff set to sketch in all of the parts, ie one stave for the trumpets. I don't split it out until the last minute. For me I just need to check for wrong notes in my sketch so I need the polyphonic instruments. I did edit the first instrument from each section and it works fine. I also edited the bass and guitar so they play at sounding pitch without having to transpose. I did a similar thing with bass and picc for GPO.

    The other thing I have found is that I don't put in nearly enough artics, dynmaics or slurs to make the most of the JABB sounds. Infact I rarely even put in slurs. I have my own band so they know how to play the stuff and don't need to be reminded, infact it gets in the way. HP also can't follow a sim. indication!

    That said the sounds are still better than anything else out there.


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