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Topic: Finale 2006 Timpani Muffled

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    Finale 2006 Timpani Muffled

    Is this the right place to post this? I use Finale 2006 with the full version of GPO. When I use the new song wizard, many of the Garritan instruments sound muffled (very quiet and distant). Luckily, I have a couple of files that have full sound (I don't know why they work), so I have taken to opening them and modifying (adding and deleting instruments) and saving them as my new files. Unfortunately, I've never been able to make the timpani sounds or bass drum sounds work right. Is there some memory thing I could tweak? Sometimes twiddling the mod wheel up and down loosens the other instruments but never the timp or the bass drum. Is there something else I could try? I'm growing weary of the sound of distant drums!

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    Re: Finale 2006 Timpani Muffled

    I don't think it's a memory problem. In my experience with the latest Finale, the percussion instruments are (by default) very quiet. Try this: in either the Studio view or in the mixer window pull down the volume sliders for the orchestral instruments to say around 65. Then play your file, moving around the percussion sliders until you find the right balance. I've had to do this with the piano too. Good luck and post back if you have any questions.
    C. Foster Payne
    Amateur Composer/Orchestrator

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    Re: Finale 2006 Timpani Muffled

    I already had the slider for timp at 104. I moved it to 125. It isn't just quiet like the other percussion instruments. To even hear the tiniest sound, I have to mute all the other instruments and lean very close. It's practically not there. I know I have the right assignment in the instrument list. All the other muffled instruments speak, now, because I went to the vst instrument set-up and wiggled the mod wheel up and down for each reluctant instrument. They all speak except for the timp. By the way, thanks for the reply!

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    Re: Finale 2006 Timpani Muffled

    I finally thought to assign fff to the timpani as a dynamic marking using the expression tool. Finally, I can hear them. Thanks for the public and private help. I saved the file in wma format if anyone wants to hear it.

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