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Topic: GPO, FinMac 2005b, and MIDI device playback?

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    GPO, FinMac 2005b, and MIDI device playback?

    Seasons Greetings All!

    I'm getting ready to fire up my new scoring rig: a new iMac G5 (Mac OS Tiger) running Finale 2005b and GPO . I'm also looking at purchasing a new Kurzweil PC161 keyboard to serve as a master controller, input keyboard, and sound generator. I thought it might be a good idea to use some of the Kurz sounds for playback...they're supposed to be rather good and I thought it might take some of the digital "heavy lifting" off of the CPU in terms of sound generation.

    I haven't used GPO with Finale yet, but have been monitoring all of the discussions on NorthernSounds.com. I'm looking forward to diving in, but...can I work on a Finale project and route some of the sounds to GPO and others to MIDI playback via the Kurzweil?

    Thanks in advance and best wishes for 2006,

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    Re: GPO, FinMac 2005b, and MIDI device playback?

    it is certainly possible to use GPO together with a external sound module in Finale 2005b. You have to go to the "MIDI-set-up" in the Finale menu, then set the output of midi channels 1-16 to your regular midi-interface and channels 17-32 to GPO-studio. This is assuming you have the GPO-studio loaded.
    NB: in this way the (Finale) midi channels 17-32 will translate into channels 1-16 from the GPO player 1.
    NB 2: I am not sure this works in finale 2006; actually that is precisely the reason that I have not upgraded to 2006 yet.


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