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Topic: My first piece using Garritan.

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    Talking My first piece using Garritan.

    This is my first couple of pieces using Garritan, sequenced in Cubase SX. My family hate classical music so don't seem to be too interested in these projects, but would love some feedback on them, especially the piece for trumpet and piano.

    Dave C

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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Hi There!!

    Welcome to the demo portion of the forum

    I'd love to listen, but you forgot the links


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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Oooops how stupid of me sorry the link is


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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Hi Dave,
    Both of these are great classical pieces, and yes, I KNOW why GPO is your new favorite toy!! Great work with the trumpet especially. I look forward to hearing more of your work

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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Too bad your family doesn't like classical music - they're missing out on some great stuff- yours included.

    Comment - don't forget that wind instrument players need to take a breath sooner or later. This creates natural phrases in a musical line - like a full stop at the end of a sentence and further on a new paragraph

    looking forward to more classics from you


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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Thanks Fred.

    How would people reconmend acheiving this. would it be as short as a semi-quaver and how often as I play the piano and am not too sure when it comes to composing for wind and brass.

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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Hi Dave,

    Darn these computers. I had just written out a nice lenghty explanation of how to get the flute to breath and then "Whamo!" IE crashed on me.

    To sum it up in a nut shell,
    It is hard to continually blow through a flute. Try taking a deep breath, tighten your lips like a flute player and try slowly letting out your breath for the entire length of your flute piece without taking an other breath. Can't be done can it? A good example would be right at 0:02, in your piece, a fluatist would breath just after playing the first two notes and before playing the long run of notes. They need all the breath they can get to keep from braking up a phrase. With that said it is always best to breath between a musical phrase or between long notes or notes.

    If you have Overture you can do this by shortening the last note just before the breath point. Highlight the last note before the breath, then use Ctrl +Y,
    now slect SCAlE, then use a note duration of about 90%. THis will usually do the trick. If you don't have overture then maybe someone else can help you with note durations.

    Another good trick is to remember to use trill samples for your trill section and use the Pedal legato feature for your legato runs. Remember that the flute uses no legato for the first note of a phrase then uses legato for some of the rest of the notes.

    I hoped this helped a little as I am running out of time but wanted to give you some advice. Your music is deffinatley worthy of it and doesn't need to change, only your programing technique needs improving.

    I will try to write back at you when I have a little more time.
    Take care and I hope we can get you through the techniques that took us years to stumble on.

    Your'e doing a great job.

    Pete Casti.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    I love how people now can compose Mozart-ish stuff, it's just wonderful. I think the trumpet piece goes quite crazy, maybe not impossible since Brandenburg concert 2 third movement is a bit crazy for trumpet too . But hey I'm not a trumpet player

    Since I am though, a flute and clarinet player, I do think the parts per phrase are a little lengthy, but if you tried J.J. Quantz's flute sonata, it's almost the same lengthy phrases, so I bet an experienced flute player can tackle that one, maybe for an exam .

    P.s. I had this problem with my violin sonata too: the flute doesn't seem to have any reverb while the piano is echoy and stuff. Gives the impression the piano is alot farther away or is my wording a little confuzzling

    Good work!
    Ke Yang (OMG I'm using mah name)
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    My Work List With GPO

    Note: You might have noticed there's nothing there, yet. Massive editing going on.

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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Hi Dave

    Welcome to the forum. You seem to enjoy your GPO. I enjoyed listening to your pieces. I have to agree with the members here about the breathing. As a flautist myself too, I can vouch for that. I believe your flute sonata, although not unplayable, would certainly have left even Jean-Pierre Rampal breathless after seven minutes !! I'm also a big fan of the wonderful GPO legato tool, which I suggest you could use to make your pieces sound much more realistic.

    Very nice work, thanks for sharing it with us.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: My first piece using Garritan.

    Hi- Thanks for posting! They were both very entertaining.
    I'm curious-did you play these in? Did you write them first?
    I like the energy and the left hand. I say there's plenty of mileage left in this style, Mozart-ish or not. (And actually playable or not,I liked both of them). It just makes you feel right--you know where its (generally) going and where it will end up ... just enjoy the ride.
    And tell your family Don't be hatin' no classical music

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