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Topic: General Orch Perc playback with Finale HP?

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    Question General Orch Perc playback with Finale HP?

    Hello. I have had GPO for less than a week and am trying to convert an older Finale 2004 file into 2006 and get it setup for playback in GPO, and have figured everything out except general percussion. I have read the tutorials (including the new one that came with the recent patch) but am still not sure that I understand it correctly. So please help a guy out and either confirm that I'm on the right track or tell me I'm stupid and correct me.

    As I understand it, in order to get the general percussion to work, I need to have it setup on Channel 10, with the GPO Basic Orch Percussion loaded into Player #1 in the Finale MIDI setup, and set that player to Channel 10?

    Then I have to duplicate the Standard MIDI playback percussion map in Finale and edit it to match the GPO notes before anything will playback correctly?

    Since I had already assigned all of the other 23 instruments in the piece before getting to the percussion, I am hesitant to undo everything else just to get the percussion working unless I know 100% that I am doing it the right way - I'd hate to undo everything only to waste a lot of time on something wrong...

    So am I reading the tutorials correctly or am I wofully confused?

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    Re: General Orch Perc playback with Finale HP?

    I found out the Channel 10 issue is only if you want to switch back and forth from SoftSynth to GPO, etc. and is not necessary if only GPO is used.

    Good to know about the multiple staffs / same channel, Tom. Thanks.

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    Re: General Orch Perc playback with Finale HP?

    One added note on this, concerning Finale.

    Finale will often object [with a dialogue box] if you have more than one staff (instrument) assigned to the same channel (especially in regard to Human Playback).

    Obviously, this doesn't present much of a problem -- just assign a different channel if needed -- but it is something to be aware of.


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