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Topic: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

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    Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    Other than Gary's GPO, is there another cathedral/pipe organ library that gets high marks? I need lots of different cathedral organ samples for an upcoming documentary.


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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    I know PMI has dedicated church organ sample libraries.

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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    hmmm....didn't Bela D just announce one? If you look at the banner above chances are it's advertising it right now!
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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    Organ Mystique from Project Sam: http://www.projectsam.com/

    and Baroque Organs from PMI: http://www.postpiano.com/

    there a free one from G-Town, but i've no idea where to get it nowadasy
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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    Dont forget the excellent one that comes with Kontakt 2 as well. Done by sonic reality and in surround. It sounds fantastic.

    And PMI also has NDB which looks to be most complete.


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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    Peter Ewer's Symphonic Organ sounds great and it's probably much less expensive than it used to be, being older. It's limited, only three stop combos plus pedals but the tutti organ is huge. Reverb is in the samples and it's about 7 seconds long. NBD is much more flexible and uses convolution reverb but it's pricy. Mystique sounds like it will be a wonderful small, more baroque organ. If it's not very expensive I want it for sure. If you only really need organ for this project, want to keep cost low and just want a big b@lls out sound + a softer diapason I'd check out Peter Ewers.

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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    Thanks for all the help! Here's what I found so far...

    PMI - has a baroque organ ($125), but I couldn't find any demos on site. Anyone used this organ with success (that may have a demo or two they'd like to post)?

    Bela D - I searched around the site for awhile, but only found the various vocal libraries. No organ libraries that I could find, Midiphase. Have you heard differently?

    Organ Mystique from SAM - I'm a HUGE SAM fan. Anybody using this? From the demos, it sounds like more of an organ "sound effects" library, but I could be wrong.

    Peter Ewer's Symphonic Organ - $159, but couldn't find any demos. An old thread (http://northernsounds.com/forum/arch...p/t-24532.html) had comments from follks saying the library was "very noisy", "unusable", like an old Korg M1, etc. Not glowing praise. Anyone using (and loving) this library?

    Notre Dame (Budapest) - $459 (ouch!), and EastWest is out of stock.

    I'm still using Giga 2.5, and Kontact (I know, I know...), so my choices may be a little limited.


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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    I think the user who mentioned Bela D. was actually thinking of the SAM organ (whch I don't think is out yet.) I have the Peter Ewers and it's certainly very usable. If it's noisy I never noticed. On the softer registrations there is a TON of reverb though- that may be what the were referring to. I'll try and find something I used it on and post it. I'm surprised it's still going for $159.
    Oh, BTW there is also a smaller version of NDB that might be worth looking into.

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    Re: Best Cathedral/Pipe Organ Library?

    hey, found you some demos at this link:

    Hey, apparently that was ME that made the "sounds like an M1" remark and I was referring to something else. (I won't say what, but it certainly wasn't PESO or NDB.)

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