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Topic: Hidden Files?

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    Hidden Files?

    I just installed the Jazz and Big Band library on my Mac (OS X) and the strangest thing happened. During the install, I listed an external drive as the storage place for my instrument files, but they were apparently installed in the Applications folder on my main (internal) HD. What's strange is that I can't find any of the instrument files anywhere.

    They are definitely installed because I can use all the samples both in the standalone Garritan application and from within my sequencer (Logic Pro), but no amount of searching my hard drives will tell me where these files are. This is not true of any other Kontakt driven sample collections, including other Garritan collections as well as many East West collections I have installed. Are these files intentionally invisible or is my sytem doing something strange?

    Bill B.

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    Re: Hidden Files?

    I know very little about Macs. But on a PC, it is possible to do a search with the qualifier of showing hidden files. Seems like this ought to be available on the Mac. None of the other GPO instrument files are hidden, and I can't imagine that these would be.


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