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Topic: Complete Beginner

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    Complete Beginner

    O.K. guys, I guess we've all got to start somewhere. I've been given Cubase SX 3 and Halion 2. I can get them both to open, and I can create a MIDI track and assign a sound to that track via Halion. When I come to create a 2nd MIDI track and assign a different sound(sample, whatever) to that track I can't get any sound from it either via the on-screen Halion 'keyboard' or using my MIDI controller keyboard. Similarly, if I import a MIDI file with tunes/arrangements already programmed, I can assign a sound to 1 track and get it to play, but if I then try to assign a different sound to the next track....no play. I've experimented with different channel numbers and all sorts of combinations. I have Simon Millward's 'Fast Guide To Cubase SX' and the Halion PDF manual, but I feel I'm missing a simple 'trick' or 'key' to put the 2 together and explore their full potential. It's a new computer with bags of memory, XP Pro, M-Audio 2496 Audiophile soundcard and appears to be wired up and configured correctly.
    Can some kind soul give a fifty-something newcomer some hints/tips or point me to someone who can?
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Re: Complete Beginner

    You need to select the midi channels assigned to the second sound in SX. Your midi controller is most likely sending data on channel 1. There are 16 midi channels. When you create a new midi track in SX, you select Halion as the "out". Right below that selection is the midi channel selector. If a sound is loaded into the second slot of Halion, it will respond to midi channel 2. So, set the midi channel to 2.

    Does that make sense to you? I remember that threw me off a bit when I got Halion.

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