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Topic: Journey Of The Magi

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    Journey Of The Magi

    Hi - this is something which I have entered in the mp3unsigned Christmas comp.

    It uses GPO plus Magnus Choir - grateful for any comments / feedback.

    Best regards and a Happy New Year to everyone.

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    Re: Journey Of The Magi

    Beautiful piece, Mike... like the subtle use of bells in the opening; and the light touch with the choir is just right.

    Nice job on this; particularly like the fullness of the latter parts.


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    Re: Journey Of The Magi

    David - thanks for your kind comments - much appreciate them.

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    Re: Journey Of The Magi

    Great piece! I agree with David, the bells at the beginning are great. Nice buildup to the end. Good work.


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    Re: Journey Of The Magi

    Thanks Chris.

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