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Topic: Another swedish ballad with JABB - mp3

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    Another swedish ballad with JABB - mp3

    I continue my efforts with JABB. Here is another arrangement for 4 trombones that I'm working on. It's a tune written by Povel Ramel (a swedish composer and writer). In swedish it's called "Underbart är kort" which means in translation that 'everything that is wonderful, tends to be too short'.


    (I'm doing a few arrangements for a local trombone quartet, with songs recorded and made famous by the swedish singer Monica Zetterlund, who sadly died last year. This is the 2nd in my "Monica Z Suite" )

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    Re: Another swedish ballad with JABB - mp3

    Great sound on this, again, Engson... very smooth; good t'bone choir writing!


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    Re: Another swedish ballad with JABB - mp3

    Well done, Engson. I must say that despite earning my crust in the sax section for years, the 'bones are still my favourite.

    all the best

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    Re: Another swedish ballad with JABB - mp3

    Greetings to our new member from Sweden! And thanks for sharing your first JABB piece with us.

    I like the tempo you used. I have heard this piece played at a more hectic pace and I the slower more relaxed interpretation is refreshing.

    Thanks for posting this. I am looking forward to hearing more music.

    Gary Garritan

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