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Topic: Finale 2006 Muffled instruments even with ffff

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    Finale 2006 Muffled instruments even with ffff

    I've been working around this problem but I would like to know how to really fix it. I've found that some instruments speak well no matter what (e.g., harp and harpsichord) but others are more temperamental (strings and some winds). I've wiggled the mod wheel in vst set-up and changed MIDI outputs back and forth and sometimes gotten muffled instruments to speak (yes, I've added dynamics to my finale score--that mostly solved the timpani problem). The gagli violin solo has only worked well on two of my scores. On those two files, the sound is penetrating and full. If I open new files from that file, most of the instruments will, with some twiddling, speak clearly. If I start new files with the wizard, the strings and other instruments don't speak with fullness and clarity even with dynamics of ffff. With normal dynamic assignments, they are barely audible. What else do I need to alter to make these instruments speak up? I can't seem to reproduce what I did on the two files that work. When I save the file as MIDI file (not using GPO), the muffled instruments that I have set to ffff are very loud.

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    Re: Finale 2006 Muffled instruments even with ffff

    I have similarly seen muffled timpani, but all other instruments appear to be OK. In one of my GPO Studio files, no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the timpani to a loud enough level. Turned up the volume, upped the dynamics, etc. I'm using latest Finale 2006 and GPO. I've only seen this problem when sending to GPO Studio, not with Finale's built-in playback. (Why I would use GPO Studio at all when I have Finale 2006 is a completely different story...)

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    Re: Finale 2006 Muffled instruments even with ffff

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. I'm using GPO with WinFin 2006 and am excited about the possibilities.
    Unfortunately, I'm also having trouble with muted instruments like the timpani. I've got a Brass - Percussion fanfare for which I've got a request for a sound file. The horns and trumpets are really loud and break up. Trombones and tuba less so. Timpani, snare and bass drum are inaudible. Have tinkered with dynamics but the more I do the worse it gets. Any ideas out there ???

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    Re: Finale 2006 Muffled instruments even with ffff

    Make sure you've updated to the most recent Finale 2006 update. Within the update is a Finale GPO/HP PDF tutorial that is very comprehensive and should answer all of your questions.


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    Re: Finale 2006 Muffled instruments even with ffff

    A part of the problem in Finale 2006b with percussion can be solved by removing staff group brackets from the percussion staves. I believe it is a problem with HumanPLayback (which hopefully will be repaired soon). There is also a problem with certain percussion not responding to hairpins (glockenspiel, for example) - in that case you also need to remove transposition from those particular staves.

    oh! there also appears to be a slight problem with some of the higher timpani notes... they're a little too soft (or rather, it seems to be impossible to get them to play ff). However, this has nothing to do with HumanPlayback, and appears to be related directly to the library itself.

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    Re: Finale 2006 Muffled instruments even with ffff

    Do you have any idea why the gagli solo violin would be muted (not brilliant and about 25% of what the sound is in the two files where it works the way it's supposed to) sometimes and not others?

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