So I have all the components of my set up and I want to make sure that I set up right the first time and don't have to redo anything.:

(this is on the sample libs forum too)

I have a Yamaha s90 running to my Alesis MultiMix 8 USB which runs to my monitors, and the Alesis connects via a USB to my PC. I also have the S90 hooked up through MIDI via a USB on the PC. I am going right now to get another GB of RAM (giving me 2GB RAM with a Pentium 4 3GB processor), and a second hard drive to set up as a secondary master and not as slave.

I am going to put Sonar on the OS drive, and then EWQL SO on the second drive (do I put the built in Kontakt player on the second drive or the first one).

My gaol is to do orchestral works with this set up, does anyone see any problems with any of this?

Thanks again for the help, my expertise is obviously not in the technical stuff