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Topic: Are there any "Standard" sounds DVDs for GS3?

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    Are there any "Standard" sounds DVDs for GS3?


    I'm searching for a libary with similar sounds like my old JV-1080.
    Some pads, Bells, etc...standard stuff.

    Do you know any DVD with this kind of sounds?



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    Re: Are there any "Standard" sounds DVDs for GS3?

    I am not sure about G3 sounds, but some workstation romplers to consider might be: Sonik Synth2, Sampletank 2, Collosus and ManyStation.

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    Re: Are there any "Standard" sounds DVDs for GS3?

    Also the sounds that are included with Kontakt 2 (which most people
    buy sooner or later anyway ) are a good starting point.

    Edit: Oops, sorry, I forgot the 'GS3' in the subject line...

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    Re: Are there any "Standard" sounds DVDs for GS3?

    There doesn't seem to be many libraries in this category available for Giga. I found this one, though:


    You'll probably find a lot more for Akai which can be converted to Giga, www.pro-rec.com and www.kidnepro.com are a couple of developers that make Akai format sample CD:s with synth sounds and there are lots more.

    As has been mentioned, there are plenty of options if you want to go the VSTi route. In addition to those mentioned, there's also WusikStation from www.wusik.com , Hypersonic from www.steinberg.net , Nostalgia from www.zero-g.co.uk , Ultra Focus from www.usbsounds.com and Ravity from www.luxonix.com .


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    Re: Are there any "Standard" sounds DVDs for GS3?

    There's the old GM500 lib. It's okay if you want some general MIDI sounds for playing back old GMIDI files, or GM downloaded from the net. I own it but don't use it for anything these days. But if I were to run a GM file, I'd just drag and drop it on GS3, Giga would automatically load all of the samples, and launch the MIDI file in the sequencer. That's kinda kool, if you use GM files much.

    There are much better libs out there today for GS3, but none of the good ones that I can think of are GM.


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