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Topic: If you don't have a site to host your demos

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    If you don't have a site to host your demos

    I know a lot of people here already have a website or have found a place to host their demos. If you don't have either then I may be able to help. I have created a site;


    It's early days but the interface is up and running and will allow mp3 files to be downloaded however I can't enable streaming as this will put too much strain on the server. Features include;

    MP3 ID tags
    Custom and "Session" Playlists
    RSS/Podcasts (coming soon)
    Random, non-repeating playlists by artist or songs
    "Skip Track:" Easily exclude songs from albums and random playlists
    Search function

    The number of demos I can host is dependent on the response I get but until I see how things work out I have set a limit of 10 mp3 files per person.

    Caveat: This is a test project and should be considered to be in the beta stage of development. I cannot guarantee 100% uptime or bandwidth as too many aspects are out of my control or pocket. I may discontinue the service at any time (although I have no plans to do so).

    If you're interested it would be of benefit if you are familiar with FTP procedures although I can probably help you with that anyway. PM me or email me for instructions. tony@avantech.co.uk

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    Why shucks Tony that's mighty nice of you! Excellent idea.

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