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Topic: The Concerto Project - Part 1

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    The Concerto Project - Part 1

    Some of you may remember the story of my Piano Concerto from last spring. Briefly, I spent most of 2004 working on my Second Piano Concerto, which was premiered in March 2005 with my wife Martha as soloist. The performance was a great success, but unfortunately the performance was not recorded due to equipment failure (at least, that's what they're telling us).

    I had posted a hastily-prepared mockup with GPO, and people seemed to like it. (Thanks everyone ) But it was very crude, being intended only as a "practice tape" for Martha and the conductor, and wasn't much more than raw Finale output, slightly edited by me.

    I don't want that to be the only documentation of the concerto, and I want Martha's performance to be preserved, so Martha and I have started working on a new version. This will feature Martha's performance, with a new realization of the orchestral parts by myself, using GPO and whatever else seems to work.

    Last August, we drove up to Fort Wayne for a visit to the Sweetwater studio. Martha recorded the entire solo part as a MIDI file on their Yamaha piano with a Disklavier system. I also purchased one of Sweetwater's Creation Station computers, installed everything on it, and got to work.

    From time to time, I'll be posting excerpts from the work as it progresses, and I now have a short excerpt from the beginning to present. The concerto opens with an extended piano solo, which you can hear in the following excerpt:

    Concerto excerpt #1 (beginning)

    This was realized with the PMI Bosendorfer 290 piano, as it was in my earlier version.

    Currently I'm working on the first orchestral entrance. I plan to try several different versions, using GPO in combination with other libraries. I'll post them as they become available.

    I've also added a page to my website devoted to this project. You can follow its progress there if you feel so inclined.

    Comments are welcome, of course. Wish us luck!
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: The Concerto Project - Part 1

    As I recall, I was quite impressed with what I'd heard of this work previously.

    And this introductory solo surely reinforces my recollection!

    Quite an ambitious project, Dan: I shall look forward to following this with much interest -- though I confess more for the achievement compositionally than technically...

    Good speed!


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