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Topic: Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

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    Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

    Happy New Year to you all! Since it is also the eve of Twelfth Night, I want to share the incidental music I wrote for a production of Shakespeare's play. I composed this back in '99 in General MIDI and I've wanted to GPO-ize it since I first got GPO. Finally I had some free time this last September, and what a treat, updating an old project such as this. It finally sounds like I imagined it would. I was so excited, I re-did the entire thing. See if you can find the sonata form in the overture!!! (however modified)

    The link is on the front page of my website: houseofblackbirds.com.

    Click on "Twelfth Night 2005 Redux" and select a cue. My personal faves are the Overture, Orsino and Cesario, A Mirror Image and the Epilogue/Waltz Finale. In particular, they turned out exceptionally well.

    Now go take down your Christmas decorations.

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    Re: Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

    any direct downloads?

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    Re: Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

    Quote Originally Posted by jmc
    Click on "Twelfth Night 2005 Redux" and select a cue. My personal faves are the Overture, Orsino and Cesario, A Mirror Image and the Epilogue/Waltz Finale. In particular, they turned out exceptionally well.

    Now go take down your Christmas decorations.
    Very talented.

    Personal favourite is Dance (12). And then Mirror Image.

    I stumbled into one of your filmscores too - very good writing and you really understand how to orchestrate well. Very effective. What you need, as with everyone else in the world, is a really effective string library that doesn't make a the dreaded sucking sound.

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    Re: Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

    I had a heck of a time getting any of these to play, jmc, but did finally get to listen to the Overture.

    Very nicely done! Some fine string and brass moments in this, and I certainly hear the influence of the Classic masters -- but sometimes tempered with a Renaissance feel. Most appropriate to the subject matter, I think.

    Fine job on this!


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    Re: Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

    YBaCuO, are you experiencing problems listening on my site? If so I want to know, since it is very much a work in progress. I guess I could address this to the forum in general: are direct downloads preferable to going to a website and clicking a link? I suppose the gratification is more instant...but you miss out on the chance to be wowed by my world reknown HTML programming.

    PaulR, yes, I really love the Dance, but the mix just didn't come out as well as I liked. I used the harpsichord on "lute" setting, and also added a lute-like sound of my own slaughtering courtesy of Roland (took a nylon guitar and made it a little thunky with a quick decay).

    The director wanted to have an arbitrary dance somewhere. He didn't ever specify at what point in the play or how long. I basically took the 2nd theme from the Overture and made it modal and minor.

    I really worked hard to avoid the "sucking sound" in the strings. Since I primarily did this with the individual strings to create more of a chamber sound, it was really challenging. I did a lot of fussing with the portamento feature and pitch bend to get it to sound more realistic and it was simply too exhausing. I don't want to sound like a wimp, but it's one thing to refine a couple of parts, but I was working specifically with 9 violins, 3 violas, 4 celli and 2 basses. I just couldn't get it to sound convincing enough for me.

    I suddenly remember that I actually had the Overture recorded by a real orchestra once, but it was so dreadful that I blocked it out until now. Thanks for listening!!!

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    Re: Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

    Despite your renown with HTML, jmc... lol -- well, it's not uncommon to have an initiation failure when you load a page in another frame that contains the Media Player control. [Windows Media Player is the default in Internet Explorer for an .mp3 embed.]

    If the internet connection is at all balky, the control may load after the page code is parsed by the browser, and may miss essential start-up parameters (like the media file name). To get an approach like this to work smoothly and reliably, one would use a fixed implementation of the Media Player control, and pass the filename via JavaScript after handshaking a ready state from the control.

    A more or less similar scenario can play out with QuickTime [which a lot of people hate, with good reason, for avariciously invasive practices] in FireFox and Netscape.

    In general, I think most of us prefer a direct link to the file. That way we can use the player of our choice... and have better control over what we're hearing. (In my case, for instance, due to a hearing deficit, I need to shift balance slightly left and also EQ a little.)

    Barring a willingness to link directly, you might also look at Flash-based players. I don't have any in mind specifically at the moment, but I did look at and try a number of them some months ago. Some of them were really quite, quite good, highly reliable, and fully featured.

    I've also built a few Flash players myself. The techniques used are highly reliable in terms of performance and have very well controlled streaming characteristics... superior, I've found, to both Media Player and QuickTime.

    Hope that helps a little!

    My best,

    Chief Programmer
    OEC InterNET Group

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    Re: Something for Twelfth Night (GPO)

    I need download links because I am on dial-up. I download while I sleep and listen days later.


    listen to my latest ambient tone sagas:
    The Abyss http://www.wusik.com/song.php?id=1078
    Hope is never Extinguished http://www.wusik.com/song.php?id=1092

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