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Topic: Finale 2006b with GPO Crashes

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    Finale 2006b with GPO Crashes

    Well, this has been going on for some time now. It's more of an irritant than a real problem, but I can foresee it becoming worse.

    As I work in Finale 2006b using GPO sounds, Finale just crashes, popping up the Windows XP message about sending the error report. Now, I can still save the file before clicking on the "report" or "do not report" buttons, thus shutting Finale down, but this is still weird.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or has this been brought up before?
    C. Foster Payne
    Amateur Composer/Orchestrator

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    Re: Finale 2006b with GPO Crashes

    Turn off or try another midi interface. I know it should not make a diff, but I was just having crashes and changed interfaces and it went away. Even though no midi was going out the interface!


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