Lots of granular racket when buffers are set at 256k and above. Works fine at 128k and 64K. Also getting a window stating tha tmy RAM resources are low. They aren't. I've got 4G here and this happens when GPO is the only VSTi in the rack in Cubase SX v3x. I'm wondering if the latest update addresses this. I just loaded the program tonight but haven't yet registered it. I'm very pleased with the interface, quality/expressiveness, etc. but I've got some reservations about these issues.

ASUS A8V-Deluxe
AMD 64 4200 X 2
4G Corsair CAS2.
Matrox G450
2 x RME HDSP 9652 PCI
1 x RME Multiface PCI
4 x UAD-1's (v4.1)
Cubase SX v3.1.1.944.