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Topic: Voice Processing

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    Voice Processing

    What are your recommendations for a hardware vocal preocessor - particularly for live situations. I have been looking at the TC Helicon VoiceWorks and LiveWorks. Any others I should consider? Anybody have experience good or bad?

    Thanks as always!

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    Re: Voice Processing

    Hi Deak

    Didn`t really work with it yet. Tested & heard it once at a music house. It`s a really nice voice processor but some say it`s a little bit hard to start workin` with the first time. TC Voice Works will bring some life in to your vocals but maybe there are many others. Im also interested in this thread. Can`t give you any experience. Just listened to it once. At all it seems to be a nice tool.
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    Re: Voice Processing

    I did a review of some of their voice processing tools awhile back for my website. Here is the link: http://www.shopjt3.com/vocal_tech.html

    I will be reviewing their newer products later this year. Hope this helps!

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    Re: Voice Processing

    Well, I found a great deal on the VoiceWorks and could not resist. I picked it up. I have a gig in a few weeks where I hopefully will get the chance to try it out. Will let you know how it goes.

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