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Topic: Umbra Carnis

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    Umbra carnis titelsong

    Hi all,

    this is a titelsong for a little indy horrorflic I did about a year ago (it is about some female demon, but didn't see the light of day so far..). I thought you might want to take a listen and give your feedback.

    The song is featuring Conny Kollet (http://www.connykollet.de/) (singing the german text).

    Sample libraries used are essentially :

    Stylus RMX
    VSL Prostrings
    SAM Brass

    And here is the link :


    Hope you will enjoy the song!


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    Re: Umbra Carnis

    Hello Marcus,

    Happy to hear new demo from you. Nice work, a very strong atmosphere, and the lied provide a lot. I have to say that you well improved your work since the first demo you have posted on this forum.

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    Re: Umbra Carnis

    Thank you, Didou!

    I think there is quite some room for improvment in the mock-up department, I have rather posted this because of the singer!

    I hope you are fine, maybe we can meet someday in Paris.


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