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Topic: White Grand JUNIOR vs. Full Version - please help

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    Question White Grand JUNIOR vs. Full Version - please help

    I would appreciate any feedback from people who have BOTH the Junior and Full versions of Sampletekk's white grand piano.

    More Specifically, I only have the Junior version and I cannot decide if I should upgrade to the full version. I know the full version has more velocity layers but my keyboard is not the best (MAudio Keystation 61es 61-Key MIDI Controller) --so I want to know if there are any other advantages to the upgrade...

    Any comments appreciated.

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    Re: White Grand JUNIOR vs. Full Version - please help


    I have both WG Jr and WG Sister, and I use it with a 88 kawai controller. There is a definite difference, sampletekk has a comparison page somewhere on their site. Along with less samples per note, I think WG jr is like 7 second samples vs a larger number for the full version. I only bought the WG Jr to test the WG sound to see if I would like it. This is a superb piano, and I am a lot happier with the full version, and using it along with K2 with the scripts is the best combination you can possibly get. Can't speak for your keyboard, as I know nothing about that keyboard, and with only 61 keys, I don't think you'll get the most out of this piano. This piano has an incredible bass section, that you may lose out on. But my comparison is only based on my experience with my controller, so you can take it for whatever thats worth.

    Besided right now you get the full version at 50% off.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: White Grand JUNIOR vs. Full Version - please help

    Thanks for your help!

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