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Topic: Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

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    Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

    Hi, thanks to the great feedback from etLux, valhalx and Cobalt, I redid this one from scratch. I used the Cakewalk reverb, and a bit more, this time. Whenever I try to use the Ambience reverb with a large ensemble, it always seems too "muddy" to my ears... like I'm hearing it from a great distance away underwater... Anyway, I think that without as much reverb last time, I tried to pan the instruments wider to make up for the "wideness" effect that the reverb gives. I left them as GPO loads them this time and centered all the MIDI tracks, so hopefully the mix is tighter. And of course, I got into the CCs to try to get the sustained notes to sound convincing...have I overdone the volume swells? Again, suggestions are extremely appreciated, as this is my first time around... Hope I've done it justice.


    Again, I think you'll have to copy and paste the link into your browser...I'm still on a free Tripod account, sorry.
    Mark Zastrow

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

    Much better! I really like the improvements you made from the first time. And hey, the victory theme! I don't think the swells are overdone at all. Often what we think is over the top eventually becomes exactly what we're looking for. If it's too subtle, we'll often not pick it up the first time around. Wonderfully done.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

    Great job on this, Mark. (No trouble getting to the link, by the way.)

    And I do not think you went at all over the top on the dynamic treatment. Mark, especially in a piece like this, it's the dynamics that make the thing tick! Take out all the dynamic treatment, and you'd fall asleep with it... lol.

    If anything, were I doing this piece? I think I might have taken an even broader brush to it; sinking down some of the decrescendi even harder, for instance, and whacking some of the accents with even more vigor... more hairpinning on the cadences in and out, etc.

    Interpretation's a very personal matter that goes to your own vision of a piece, though -- so keep following your own instincts.

    So far, they're serving you extremely well!


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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

    Thanks a lot for the feedback about the dynamics, guys. I'll keep that in mind. I think maybe because I've heard the midi version from playing the game so much, I was reluctant to make large changes to the dynamics on this particular piece. Ahh, if I could only have a fresh ear everytime I booted up my computer...

    Hehe, yeah, I tossed in the victory fanfare--GPO's percussion is great, I think it sounds just like a pep band, lol. And David, I dunno what kind of dark magic you're working on your browser, because I can't get that link to work for me, lol.

    EDIT: Huh, now it does work for me. Weird! When I tried it last night Tripod gave me a "this file is hosted by Tripod and cannot be linked to" page. Well, can't complain.
    Mark Zastrow

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

    Great job! I agree, I don't think you went over the top either.

    Well done!


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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

    Muchly improved. I listened to the original and revision. Great improvement.

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    Re: Final Fantasy 7 Battle theme (take 2)

    Nice. Huge improvement. Listening to this brings back fond memories.

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