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Topic: Introduction

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    I'm new here, both to the forums, and to GPO. I'm still in the learning mode for both, so if something doesn't come out quite right, I hope people will forgive me. While I do have a back ground in music, I consider myself a hobbiest composer. I have had no formal training in composing itself, having been a singer, so basically write for the love of music. I have listened to many of the pieces written by people here, and they're absolutely fantastic!!!! If it weren't for the fact that I have loved music all my life, I might not stick my neck out here with my humble offerings. Most of my music has been short experamentations using MIDI, because I had nothing else. Since I am somewhat computer illiterate, I could never get anything else to work, up until now. When I first heard GPO, I was blown away, and knew I absolutely had to have it!!! Even with having upgraded sounds cards, this was far superior! Gary, if you're out there somewhere, I have to say hat's off to you, because this is just what I needed! Besides sounding great, this is the first piece of software that I honestly could get to work. I had been using Score Writer, hesitating to up grade because of the lack of sound quality, and the fact that I'm not doing this for a living, so when it integrated seamlessly with Overture, you could say that I was shocked! To think that I had honestly found something that I could make work, and sounded great, still blows me away.

    Since I am not quite sure how this will show up on the forums, I will just post my home page here, if anybody does dare take a listen. : )
    I'm not quite sure if impressionistic is quite the right term, but much of my music is depicting something, even if just a sentiment, so if you read between the lines of the titles, you might be able to figure out what some of the pieces are about. Some of my pieces are being used at online greeting card sites, so I guess it can't be all bad.


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    Re: Introduction


    Welcome to the forum. You seem to be getting the hang of GPO quite nicely. Congratulations. The string quartets and trio you have on your site are very nice. Hope to hear more from you.

    Again, welcome. I hope you find as I have that this is a great place to hang out.

    Karl Garrett

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    Re: Introduction

    I agree Mezzo. The quartets are interesting and enjoyable. It took me a few months to make mine sound this good (if they have gotten there at all )

    Welcome to the fold...enjoy!

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    Re: Introduction

    Welcome, Charlene!

    And please -- relax, make yourself at home, here. You'll find we're quite an unstuffy, rather motley lot. We listen, we comment, we try to offer useful help where we can. And about the only (unwritten) rule, really, is one of courtesy and respect.

    One tip on posting to the forum: It's usually best to link directly to the .mp3 file if you can; or, barring that, let us know which piece(s) you want us to listen to, and how to find them, if you link to a site page.

    To the music!

    Charlene, I listened through the three string quartets and the trio. (Hope those are the pieces you wanted us to listen to!)

    There's some fine string writing in these pieces, very well done and idiomatic for the quartet and trio ensembles; and you're off to an excellent start with mix, balance, and sound treatment.

    Of the four, I found String Quartet #3 the most interesting, compositionally and from the standpoint of sound -- there's a presence and clarity to it that is quite good, technically, as well as in the writing, itself.

    (The one general comment I might make is the pieces might benefit from more attention to dynamics and tempi; but I say that to everyone, even myself... lol.)

    Come back soon with more for us, Charlene!

    These pieces tell me you have much to offer.


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    Re: Introduction

    Hi Charlene

    Again, welcome to the forum. It truly is an inspiring place to hang out!

    I too listened to your string pieces, and I agree with David, that there is a lot of passion for music coming through there. I also agree that polishing up those pieces with more expression will make all the difference.

    Thanks for posting these, I enjoyed listening a lot.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Introduction


    You're really coming off to a great start! The string pieces are great! Can't wait to hear some works with a string esemble, or perhaps a full orchestra, maybe?

    ♪♪♪♪ CâTå ♪♪♪♪

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    Re: Introduction

    I agree with the above comments also.

    I see Anglefire dosen't allow direct posting of mp3s. You should check out MY Docs Online. It's a pretty inexpensive way to steam mp3s among other uses.

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    Re: Introduction

    Quote Originally Posted by fastlane
    I agree with the above comments also.

    I see Anglefire dosen't allow direct posting of mp3s. You should check out MY Docs Online. It's a pretty inexpensive way to steam mp3s among other uses.
    There are a number of services for this purpose... many of them free, and they appear to work quite well.

    I'm fortunate to have a flotilla of servers of my own, so I haven't had opportunity to use them directly. However...

    Maybe someone will chime in with a list of these. [Hint... lol.]


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    Re: Introduction

    Welcome to the forum. Your compositions and the rendering of them is nothing short of amazing. I'll cast my vote for the trio being my favorite. To answer David, here is list of file share sites. My girl friend complied this and I haven't checked any of them out since I have a web site and use that FTP space.


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    Re: Introduction

    welcome! ... I guess that's all I can say, huh? oh and yes Midi is sticky.
    Ke Yang (OMG I'm using mah name)
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    Note: You might have noticed there's nothing there, yet. Massive editing going on.

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