Does anyone know if there is a database out there that lists all of the music libraries that are out there, including costs, capability, availability, etc.? Tascam used to have a small one years ago, but I think it's obsolete now.

So many of the posts here are asking many of the same questions - "what's the best sounding (place instrument name here) library?" Lots of repeated info, and scrounging around for these old posts can be pretty time-consuming and inefficient.

If one doesn't exist, would some computer-savvy person here be willing to put one together? It would save many of us tons of time, and be a pretty invaluable resource.

The database could list the name of each instrument(s), the manufacturer (with a URL link to the manufacturer's website), manufacturer's description, retail cost, street or sale price, place(s) where it could be purchased, and best of all, maybe even a place where we users could "review" or "rate" the individual library - like does.

There are lots of additional "categories" that could be included in this database, but the above could at least get us started.

So, whatcha' think? Does such a thing exist, and if not, is it possible?