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Topic: Spectramove problem

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    Spectramove problem

    Hi, I've recently moved my atmosphere and trilogy dat files from my laptop to an external usb drive as my c drive was running out of space. I then ran spectramove and pointed to the new files, but upon loading atmosphere it reported error 2: can't find dat files.
    I refreshed my memory on the spectramove program via the help and it said there should be a dropdown item to repair registry - however when I opened spectramove again it only had options to move atmosphere (and trilogy) not to repair the registry.
    I tried then moving atmosphere to a further folder within the usb drive (using the spectramove program) but again no registry dropdown item was available and the pluggin couldn't find the dat file. I reloaded the latest version of spectramove - but again no joy.

    Any ideas anyone. Help much appreciated.
    Cheers, Domc

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    Re: Spectramove problem

    Hi Domc,

    check this thread:

    I seem to recall having a similar problem which this fixed. Good luck!



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    Re: Spectramove problem

    Thanks Jim, unfortunately this is not working either.

    I think I've got a different error to the one that was referenced in that thread. The exact wording of error is as follows:

    An error occured
    Could not load .dat file
    Error ID: 2

    I've tried using spectramove to move the whole .dat file back to the C: drive and making sure that the shortcut is correctly referenicing it from within the vst pluggins folder but I'm still getting this error message.

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    Re: Spectramove problem

    Thanks for help Jim - on rereading the KVR post I was able to solve the problem.
    What was confusing was that the text in those posts said that the updater automatically put the new .dat and .dll files into Steinberg/vst whereas on my machine they were automatically going into Spectrasonics. Hence once these files were cut and copied into Steinberg/vst then the problem was solved.
    Cheers, Domc

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    Re: Spectramove problem

    I'm glad you got it sorted out! Happy music making, and have a great year.



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    Re: Spectramove problem

    Where can I find spectramove.exe?

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