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Topic: Info on VisionDAW 2U Workstation V2 please!

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    Info on VisionDAW 2U Workstation V2 please!

    hi everyone !

    i'm a dj/producer and (after a hiatus) in the process of getting back into producing/remixing. i'm on a limited budget so i am aiming for the VisionDAW 2U Workstation V2 to be my workstation for sequencing as well as for all my vsti, plug ins etc (stylus rmx, stormdrum, reason...). my all in one production workstation so to say.

    1) i was wandering if someone has experience with this model and/or other vision systems ? any info, opinions would be highly appreciated !

    2) + also: are visiondaws shipped and sold outside of the us through visiondaw ? (hope so). i m based out of east asia (hk, tokyo). i would need a customized universal powersupply or something. i contacted visiondaw thru email but no word yet.any intenrational visiondaw user on this forum ?

    thanks for taking the time !
    regards, boro

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    Question Re: Info on VisionDAW 2U Workstation V2 please!

    just was informed by visiondaw that the workstations are shipped internationally and that they are equiped with universal powersuplies. (Y)

    feedback from visiondaw user would still be cool ;-)

    regards, boro

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