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Topic: I'm having problems with Sonar/Alesis

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    I'm having problems with Sonar/Alesis

    I have a Yamaha s90 hooked to an alesis multimix USB8 board which connects to my Sony Vaio Pentium 4 3GZ with 2 gb Ram via a USB port. The S90 has a MIDI hookup via a USB port. I have installed sonar and will be installing EWQLSO platinum. I just have the default audio card that comes with my Sony Vaio. I started doing the tutorials on Sonar, I play the first track and I only hear the piano track (there should be bass, drums, etc.) and the sound for the "piano track" is whatever sound that I have pulled up on the S90. Trying to do my own thing, I can play into sonar and record (or so it seems) but am not get any playback through my monitors. Sometimes, if I change somethings, I can get playback through my regular crappy computer speakers, but it sounds horrible and is EXTREMELY quiet. I have done the basic troubleshooting from the book, none of the tracks are soloed or muted and in fact if I try to solo the second track I hear nothing. The only one that will play is the first track.

    My questions are:

    1) Is Sonar/my PC getting confused because both the Alesis board and MIDI are connected through USB? It should be able to deliniate between the two, right?
    2) The Alesis board came with a cubase le disc, is it possible that the board doesn't communicate with Sonar?

    When I go to audio options, my only options are USB output 1X1, which I am guess is the MIDI, the other one is Real Teck 1/2 or 3/4, etc., which I am assuming is the Audio Card...???? I have tried both options without success

    Help, as always, is greatly appreciated!!
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    Re: I'm having problems with Sonar/Alesis

    Sounds like you need to acquaint yourself with how to configure either Sonar or Cubase to send its midi output to the instrument you want it to play. They can both do that, but it's sequencer specific. The good news is that there are active user forums for both:



    As a Sonar user myself, I can tell you that you need to make sure your midi-in and midi-out ports are selected for use by Sonar under Options/Midi Devices. Then select the midi-out port as well as the patch-number for each track. Once the port connects to your hardware, the patch-number determines what sound it plays. Note that general midi patch-names may be displayed by default instead of patch-numbers. And that the names may not conform to the S90 implementation. But what's in a name? The 1st patch will play your first S90 sound and so on.

    Dealing with audio is a separate matter. I'm not familiar with either the S90 or the Alesis usb audio implementation, so I hope I don't point you in the wrong direction. My guess is that the Alesis implements audio-in via usb and that the S90 does not implement audio-out via usb... if so you'd have to wire the analog output of the S90 into an Alesis input port with a patch cable to get the audio into the computer if that's what you're after. Another possibility might be to patch audio from the keyboard to an audio-in jack located on your laptop somewhere. These 2 possibilities are probably represented by the 2 driver options for audio: 1X1 and RealTek... though you may have to determine by trial and error which is which.

    I think that most of the users here would more likely send their midi output to a software sampler library or a virtual instrument, rather than a hardware device. But you gotta start somewhere.


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