The story is that I've just bought the WX5 today, but it does not work properly. I dont have any chance to cnage it, becuse I live in different country from where I bought it.
There is no signal from Lip Pressure sensor. In the manual it says only three possible stupid things, but none of them helped. I was trying my very best to adjust it using both Lip zero and Lip gain screws, no result. I ve checked signal first on my synthesiser, and then on computer using Cakewalk, and Cubase. If there was any midi command after applying pressure to the reed, then both Cake or Cube should have indicated it.
Breath pressure sensor seems to work quite ok, but I'm not sure should it be like that - I've adjusted it to about the mid point of it' sensitivity and gain, and must apply too much pressure to make it sound loud -127(relatively to the real sax it fills too much), but I can get used to it if this is how it is.
I bought it in new condition from www.samash.com (actually my friend have bought it for me in the USA and brought here because there was no chance to buy it in Baku). I'm now very disappointed. There is the Yamaha musical instruments shop in my city, but they don't have WX5 in stock, and I assume that they will not have any service centres as well. One thing I hope that there is still something I missed in setup.
I would deeply appreciate if you could direct me the right way.Maybe there is a simple way I could repair it myself (any drawings or maintenance tips).

Kind regards,