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Topic: GOS and EWQLSO Gold

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    GOS and EWQLSO Gold

    How well do these libraries mix (strings of course) and obviously there is a reverb issue anybody have any mp3 examples to share....

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    Re: GOS and EWQLSO Gold

    I'd be interested in this as well....

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    Re: GOS and EWQLSO Gold

    (not terribly much point in my posting hypothetically, but since there haven't been any responses then I might as well give my $0.02)

    I have EWQL but not GOS, and can tell you from experience that EWQL's strings have less "body" and depth than people might expect. The lyrical/expressive patches can give you some nice, well, lyricism and expression, and so I'd try mixing them with GOS to get a fuller sound as well as an expressive tone. I've mixed EWQL strings with other libraries (VSL) for exactly this purpose, though I'd have to advise you not to make the same mistake I did and go too far with the editing/EQing (eg. "oooh I can use the attack from this patch, the mids from that one, the highs from this other one, reverb from this one sounds nice..." etc.).

    Speaking of which, reverb shouldn't be an issue if you just make sure to put EWQL's strings and GOS' on different effect chains (ie. have a different reverb for them). EWQL probably won't need any additional verbage, but you'll probably want something for GOS to sit with EWQL. Again my caveat is to make sure not to overdo it, otherwise you can end up with a mush of "string sound" without any character or definition.

    Sorry I don't have mp3 examples. Good luck!
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: GOS and EWQLSO Gold

    I have used both on occasion. Will is right, GOS can add some body when combined with EWSO strings. Sometimes it seems to work well, other times not depending on the type of passage. I remember one passage that contained a lot of accented downbows. Adding the GOS strings really enhanced the attacks. In a more lyrical passage adding GOS increased the body of the tone. And then on some trials the combination just didn't work. Overall, I am happy to have both.

    Reverb doesn't seem to be too much of a problem. You can usually get something to match up pretty well.

    I'll see if I can put together some mp3's to demonstrate, but may be not any time real soon.

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