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Topic: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

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    OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    Well, I haven't written but one orchestral thing in a whole year- it has all been rock and pop and Gospel and such. Soooo, today, feeling we (meaning our studio) needed a film-music type demo I started on this. It began as typical (I thought) Hollywood action fare but seems to be taking a left turn into Wagner-land. I know it's not breaking any new ground stylistically at all but I'd appreciate people's thoughts on the orchestration. What you hear is literally as far as I could go in an afternoon. I plan to keep working on it though. There's no name yet.
    BTW, I don't feel like the cello line at the end "sings"-- I may try it again with a GPO section approach.


    Libs used: GOS, SAM Solo Sessions, Westgate Winds, VSL percussion(from GS3 Orchestra) and G-town stcks/log

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    Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    Off to an interesting start, Fred.

    The orchestration is solid and works well. I might suggest stronger rhythmic articulation of that whipping string figure, give it a little more kick to drive it along a bit more and sing consistently with the later accented brass entries.

    Dunno, could be just my ears aren't awake yet this morning, Fred; but something about the mix -- sounds, well... distant, to me... where I should think you'd want the opening especially to be quite crisp.

    Compositionally, I think maybe you've begun in the development section and might want to write the beginning first... lol.

    I realize you're sketching at this point, of course. There's a lot of promise in this, strong material to work with. By all means -- carry this forward, because it's certainly going somewhere!



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    Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    This was great work!

    The Allegro strings really create a sense of urgency /chaos.
    And the ending string/cello was a nice calm "after the storm"

    I might punch up the timpani section… perhaps an occasional crash symbol at key moments.

    Overall, fantastic work… especially for an afternoons' worth!
    ... Indeed has a Film score quality.

    Nicely done.!


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    Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux
    Compositionally, I think maybe you've begun in the development section and might want to write the beginning first... lol.
    Quite true- like I said I was thinking demo when i started, or film cue- so I just jumped right in. If I keep treating it as an action demo it would probably pick up where it left off with a more frantic feel but I'm kind of liking where it's going and maybe it merits more serious thought...

    Thanks both of you for listening!

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    Thumbs up Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    Renders a slight flavor of Holst and not so much The Planets. More on the line of "The Perfect Fool" . Mind you only a taste.
    If I may one small suggestion to increase the tension at 1:04 crescendo, might try adding a bright cymbal roll into the horns.
    Just a suggestion. Otherwise, UNBELIEVABLE!

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    Thumbs up Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    The use of brass is excellent (being you following natural expression of your samples or not, it's very good).

    I agree with David, the articulation of strings is your weakness. More accent are requested in both background and "singing" lines. GPO has an easy and effective programming system to create accent and articulations without KS, just variating mod wheel and velocity. Try it, or study GOS articulations, even better if well programmed!

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    Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    Good thoughts, Fabio... I've already worked with the legato cello line some. I think you're right about hitting more accents in the earlier strings to give things a bit more life. That's the problem with doing music this way; it takes so long just to get a basic arrangement and then you can spend days tweaking and redoing programming!

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    Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    Excellent piece! The beginning works quite well as film music. Then it does take a certain Wagnerian turn, and a very nice one I might add. As a demo its working nicely but you have some material here worth developing further.

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    Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    Great work so far! I agree the accents could use a little more. Maybe some xylophone, especially the accents after :45. The rhythmic figure could "pop" a little more at this point. Hope to hear more soon!

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    Re: OK, a "serious" piece- opinions sought!

    I liked it. "Film score" comes to mind, of course, but after the rhythmic section it goes off in different directions... I didn't feel much of a resolution at the end, it sort of tapered off (was that an organ sounding distantly?).

    Velocity could be sharpened, but the mix is probably also to blame for this. It sounds too wet and too dull. Up the dry volume a bit and it should be fine.

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