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Topic: Dell to Use AMD Chips

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    Dell to Use AMD Chips

    Just as Apple is releasing it's new Intel based computers, there is speculation that Dell will begin to using AMD chips instead of Intel processors. Chairman Michael Dell told reporters last week at the Consumer Electronics Show that adding AMD processors to the product line "is a distinct possibility."

    According to a C/NET report: on an anqlyst's prediction "We strongly believe that Dell will start AMD-based system shipments as early as (the second half of 2006)," Santiago wrote in a report. He based his view on conversations with unnamed sources in the PC component supply industry, press reports indicating Asian designers are working on AMD-based systems for Dell, AMD inventory shortages suggesting Dell is purchasing the chips and other factors.

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    Re: Dell to Use AMD Chips

    I hope AMD has the manufacturing capacity to keep up with Dell. One hopes that this will lead to even better pricing strata for AMD users in the long run.
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    Re: Dell to Use AMD Chips

    I thought Dell Europe was already doing that?

    Good news for competition.


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    Talking Re: Dell to Use AMD Chips

    Are those Salted, Sour and Cream, Wavy, or plain Chips?

    Yeah, I know ... get a life.

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