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Topic: Help with installing Echo indigo (code 12 error)

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    Help with installing Echo indigo (code 12 error)

    I need some help here. My Echo indigo io has no problems until my PCMCIA slot crashed. I had it replaced with a new one (O2Micro). I then reinstalled Windows and everything. However, when I installed indigo, the device manager indicated a "Code 12" error, stating that there is not enough resources to use it. There are however, no conflicts of devices I can see (I've disabled the build-in audio card).

    This has not happened before until I've changed the PCMCIA slot. Anybody got any ideas? My notebook has been giving me a lot of headaches lately and I can't get anything done on my Gigastudio...

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    Re: Help with installing Echo indigo (code 12 error)

    Sounds like a hardware problem, still. Just a wild guess, but did you replace a 32-bit PC CARD slot with a 16-bit PCMCIA slot?


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    Re: Help with installing Echo indigo (code 12 error)

    I didn't replace it. The notebook engineer did it. I'm pretty sure it is 32bit.

    Went to Microsoft website and it mentioned that the insufficient "resources" could be i/o, RAM, DMA, etc etc. Also mentioned that the BIOS can affect as well (something about MPS corruption). These are all beyond me. Microsoft suggested running the troubleshooting wizard within device manager to help. Well, it doesn't help much. Anybody can give me a step-by-step of what exactly I should do?

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