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Topic: Need advice on reinstalling gs3!!

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    Need advice on reinstalling gs3!!

    I need to reinstall gs3 on same computer.i'm missing the input drivers on my audiophile 24/96 card.Cards drivers are ok on sonar4.So, do i use gigaclean on original dvd discs,or use add/remove programs in windows(xpsp2)?.Would it be a good idea to delete giga after uninstalling and reinstall from original discs?I'v done a backup of the licence(registration on cd and 2nd drive(audiodrive).Thanks! Mytheodos

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    Re: Need advice on reinstalling gs3!!

    Maybe you could just re-install the latest m-audio drivers?

    And if you are going to reinstall gigastudio, I'd recommend downloading an update (3.04 or 3.12) and install that without bothering to use gigaclean or to uninstall.

    Go here, and login with your cd key, then you'll get the update pages:


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    Re: Need advice on reinstalling gs3!!

    I updated the audiophile drivers YES!!! That did it! Thanks for the info Gugliel
    You saved me one BIG Hassle!!

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