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Topic: Why is my GPO using SOOOO many resources????

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    Exclamation Why is my GPO using SOOOO many resources????

    Hey everyone, I just set up a new system for writing and demoing some ideas and I am having a strange issue with GPO.

    I have a laptop system with a P4 2.4ghz and 512mb ram. (I am planning on upgrading to 1024mb) I have a seperate firewire hard drive for audio work at 120gb 7200 rpm with 8mb buffer. There is barely anything installed on this computer besides SONAR. I have optimized it and it runs extremely lean with virtually no processes running besides what windows needs to be operational.

    I just installed SONAR 5. I was previously using SONAR 2 on this system.

    When I run GPO I cannot play more than 3-4 instruments at once if that. If I use the ambience plugin I am not peaking over 100% CPU usage and nothing works. Without any other plugins, just 3 - 4 minide tracks the CPU is like at 75% !!!! A dry solo violin and a dry cello were showing well over 55%. No chords, just solo note duet style in the quick passage I laid down!!!

    With SONAR 2 I composed a piece with a very full harp part and 4 violins and I was running at maybe 50%. I cannot even hit play with that piece loaded now. I don't understand how this is SOOOOO demanding.

    I composed an entire album's worth of strings behind multitracked audio on a P3 1ghz with 512mb SDRAM running SONAR 2 and Gigastudio at once on the same machine. I was able to run way more tracks worth of Garritan Orchestral Strings on that machine!!! I don't understand how 3 tracks of GPO is bogging this system down!

    I am processing at 24bit audio not 32. My files are 24 bit 44.1. Dithering on or off is making no difference. I am using a Echo INDIGO I/O pcmcia card.

    Can anyone offer assistance as to what may be doing this??? I appreciate any help.

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    Smile Re: Why is my GPO using SOOOO many resources????

    Wow! Nevermind! I was going back through the manual for GPO and noticed something i missed the first time! ASIO drivers! GPO DOES NOT LIKE WDM!!!!!! Asio solved that quick! Now everything runs like it should! I'm seeing about 12% CPU with a few violins and reverb plugins and 25% with a fully loaded GPO set.

    I will go ahead and upgrade my ram to 1gb. I'm sure this will be plenty now. I mostly do smaller orchestral arrangements backing rock or solo guitar work.

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